Academic teaching and research activities:


University of Genova - a.y. 2019/2020

Adjunct professor -  Course of   'educational planning' 


Bachelor of  Social Work



University of Genova - a.y. 2019/2020

Adjunct professor -  Course of   'methodology of game'  -  early childhood.



Course Bachelor of   Educational Sciences and Training Processes


University of Genoa - a. y.  2018/2019

Laboratory of  Family Educational Fostering  


Lumsa University - a.y.2017/2018

First level Master's degree: Training of the expert in family relations. Protecting fragile families

The development  in training courses of adoptive parenting skills  - 23 March 2018 


Lumsa University - a.y.2017/2018

First level Master's degree: Training of the expert in family relations. Protecting fragile families

Listening to the child - 2 March 2018


University of Parma - a.y.  2017/2018

Adjunct professor - Teaching activities - Laboratory Observation and documentation in training contexts

Bachelor of Educational Sciences and Training Processes


Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento Sant'Anna di Pisa a.y. 1999 - 2008.

Adjunct professor - teaching and research activities - advanced training division


Sda Bocconi - Università Bocconi (from 1 June 2000 to 31 December 2003)


Didactic activities: Teaching, research, didactic coordination, analysis of training needs, formative evaluation and preparation of didactic materials.


Sda Bocconi - Bocconi University (from 15 June 1998 to 31 December 1999)

External collaborator

Teaching activities, coordination, analysis of training needs and preparation of teaching materials


University Tor Vergata (2004)

Teacher on contract

Master I in Economics and Management of Communication and Media (2004) - Psychology of organizations and groups


University of Padua - Interdepartmental Centre for Research and Services on Personal and Peoples' Rights and the Public Tutor of the Veneto Region (2003-2004)

Planning and teaching of a  training course for territorial promoters - Public Tutor - for psychologists, social workers, judges and territorial operators. (a.y.2003-2004)


Educational activities in the institutional field - planning, research and teaching

Area:  Adoption, foster care, Family and child protection since 1990:


Regional Child and Adolescent Observatory Veneto Region

Planning and advanced training activities "The training of adoptive families" aimed at psychologists and social workers (2002-2003).


Usl Treviso, Usl Asolo, Ussl 75 Milan

Planning and teaching activities: Advanced training course "Training Trainers" addressed to internal trainers (1999)


Council of Lawyers of Milan (2004)

Teacher: Course "Protection of minors" for lawyers.


Regional Observatory of Social Policies of Veneto

Teacher: Activities of advanced training for honorary judges, psychologists, social workers for "Information and awareness in the adoption process" (2004)


Department of Social and Family Policies

Region Emilia Romagna

Teacher: Activities of advanced training psycho-social professionals of adoption "Adoption": "The preparation of the adoptive family.



Innocenti Institute of Florence

Scientific coordination, planning, teaching and supervising of the training of psychologists, social workers on the topic "The preparation of adoptive families" (2002)


Region Val d'Aosta - Health and Social Policy Department

Daphne project: preventive measures to fight violence against children, young people and women - High level of education (2002) - teaching activities


Veneto Region - Local Health Office 20 Verona

Daphne project: preventive measures to fight violence against children, young persons and women  (2002)


Minguzzi Institute (2002)

Teaching: The formation of adoptive families.


Highly specialized activities as a psycho-  pedagogist in Early Childhood Services - 0-6 years:


Shire  of Sesto San Giovanni (1990-1998).

Internal trainer, psycho-pedagogist  Shire  of Sesto San Giovanni: design, implementation and evaluation of institutional training courses Education Sector

Planning, psycho-pedagogical supervision and teaching Nursery and innovative services for families and children.


Shire  of Muggiò ( 1998 - 2004) 

Trainer - Psycho - pedagogist: planning and supervision of educational  activities -


Shire of Carate (1999)

Trainer - Psycho-pedagogist -  planning and supervision of educational activities

Early childhood services


Shire of Abiategrasso (1998-1999)

Trainer –Psycho-pedagogy – planning and supervision of educational activities

Early childhood services


Shire of Cinisello Balsamo (2001)

Trainer –Psycho-pedagogist – planning  and supervision of educational activities 

Early childhood services -


Province of Milan ( 1998 - 199)

Trainer –Psycho-pedagogist – planning  and supervision of educational activities 

Early childhood services

Planning activities and teaching of way  to support parenting - since 1990:

Conduction of training-information groups for couples aspiring to adopt  or foster care;

Individual and group support for families in the year of pre-adoptive and foster  care

Psycho-pedagogical support on specific problems in the life cycle of the adoptive and foster family;

Assessment and support of the parental function in case of multi-problematic adoptive and  foster families



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For the Italian edition


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Chapters of books


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Education and training


Degree in Psychology, clinical and community psychology,  at University of Turin, 5 July 1995.


Degree in Philosophy,   at the State University of Milan, 29 June 1988;


Training course for Healthcare Trainers, at the School of Business Direction at Bocconi University in Milan, 10 May 1991;


Master in Strategic Problem Solving from the School of Strategic Therapy in Arezzo and the Mental Institute in Palo Alto, 26/11/2000.


Professional Certificate in Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy, International University Centre; 2014


Certificate of Forensic Psychology, International University Centre and Gullotta Foundation, 2014


Qualification for the profession of psychologist obtained in the academic year 1997/1998


Registration with the Lombardy Psychologists' Association number 003/4869